Home(full) Life(less) existence

We so frequently focus in the fear of being homeless that we often forget that many of us live in a home full of things (that we don’t really need) in a lifeless existence..
Just going by, asking why..
Instead of asking ourselves, what do I really want?
What is it that makes me feel truly Alive?

Changing something, making a change, is hard.. but not changing is always harder, because it slowly numbs the life in us until we can barely feel it..

#Homefull #InALifeless #Experience



Audio suggestion for this shared introspection (Jack Savoretti – Tie Me Down)


“You can’t hold down,
A homeless child, a homeless child

No man was born to be locked up,
No man is born to not be free
We’re here to live, we’re here to love
We’re made to touch, feel and see
Behind the mask, behind the paint
Behind the flesh and bones
Behind the laughter and the pain
Behind the eyes lies my soul”

Thank you Jack.

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